This Fourth of July, Put Your Pet’s Safety First

Did you know that on the Fourth of July, more pets go missing than on any other day of the year? This is because of the fireworks that happen during the holiday celebrations. Fireworks are already loud, and even more so to the sensitive ears of dogs and cats. Many pets will panic and try to escape the frightening noises, and sadly end up lost and far away from home. Below, I have some tips on keeping your four-legged friends safe and secure this Independence Day.

  • Leave your dog at home for the celebrations. As tempting as it may be to bring your dog with you to the festivities, this is how disaster can happen. All it takes is a dog getting startled by a firework to panic and take off. This is often how dogs end up lost, especially because they may keep running in fear, or hide and be too afraid to come out. Instead, leave your dog safely at home, and think about providing a safe hiding place like a crate to add an added feeling of security.
  • Secure doors and windows.  With doors and windows fully closed, your pets will not be able to hear the fireworks as easily. Additionally, they will be less likely to break out of the house in a panic and run away.
  • Play music or white noise. You can help muffle the sound of the fireworks as much as possible by playing calming music (they even sell dog CD’s!), creating white noise with a fan, or even using a white noise machine.
  • Use a ThunderShirt or calming aid. If you have a dog who is especially afraid of loud noises, consider using a ThunderShirt to help calm them. True to name, ThunderShirts were created specifically for dogs who are afraid of loud noises like storms, and helps calm them by applying pressure to their body. Many people have seen positive results by using a calming aid such as CBD oil or Adaptil.
  • Stay with your pets or hire a pet sitter. If your pet is truly terrified and would benefit from having a person there with them, consider staying home, or hire a pet sitter to stay at your house while you are out. Many dogs and cats feel better having a person with them, and you have the added benefit of having someone supervise your pet so that you know they are safe.
  • Have ID tags and a microchip. If worse comes to worst and the unthinkable happens, be sure that your pet is microchipped and has ID tags with their name, your name, and your contact information so that they can be returned home as quickly as possible.

By following these simple safety tips you can rest assured that your pet is safe, and you can go out and enjoy the holiday!

ThunderShirts can help to ease a dog’s anxiety during fireworks by putting calming pressure on their body.

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