Could Reactive Rover Classes Help Your Dog?

In addition to the hours of counter conditioning and BAT training that we have done with Sasha, another tool that has been immensely helpful for us are classes designed specifically for reactive dogs like her. Many dog training companies offer classes such as this, and have names such as Feisty Fido, Reactive Rover, or Growl classes.

The unique aspect of these classes is that the dogs are separated with partitions so that they either can’t see any dogs, or they can only see one or two. This way, you can learn in a class setting without struggling to control your dog the entire time. Additionally, the dogs can get some exposure to other dogs in a highly controlled environment.

The content of these classes is extremely useful too. In our class, our trainer taught us new handling skills in order to better manage situations so that Sasha doesn’t go over threshold (and what to do if she does). In these classes you will also learn cues such as Look at That and Watch, and give you a chance to practice them. Since I am a trainer myself, Sasha obviously knew a lot of these cues before even starting the class. However, the opportunity to practice these skills was invaluable. I also learned a few things too- there’s always something new to learn!

If taking obedience classes was something that you previously ruled out because of your own dog’s reactivity, I would encourage you to research some of the (positive reinforcement-based) classes offered in your area. You might be surprised to see how many classes are offered specifically for dogs like your own, and they might be very beneficial for you!

Does your dog need a little extra help being able to spend time with other dogs like this? If so, Reactive Rover classes could be for you! 

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