For the Dogs that Live to Chew

Something that we quickly found out about Sasha is that not only does she love to chew; she LIVES to chew. Anything left within her reach became fair game for destruction; she even managed to demolish “long-lasting” chews with ease. Although she was a year old when we adopted her, it was obvious that she still hadn’t outgrown the need to chew that is stereotypical for puppies. Sound familiar? If you’re at a loss like I was, listen up: I’ll tell you about what saved my sanity (and my shoes!).

We soon discovered frozen raw bones by Primal, and they became a lifesaver. These bones come in a variety of sizes, but all of them are frozen with the marrow still inside. The combination of the marrow being inside the bone, plus the fact that it is frozen, means that it takes the dogs longer to finish it. You can either give it to your dog for twenty minutes or so at a time, then re-freeze it for later, or you can let them have it until they have completely cleaned it out (which is what we do for Sasha). It takes her on average about an hour to do this, which is great compared to the fifteen minutes that she spends on any other chew. When the bones are cleaned out I either fill them with peanut butter and freeze them again, or leave them around the house for her to chew when she feels like it.

Another great thing about the frozen raw bones is that they are so good for dogs. It more closely replicates a natural raw diet, or in other words, what a wolf in the wild would eat. Because of this, it is good for them, without any of the added (unhealthy) ingredients and byproducts that too many commercial foods contain. Any amount of raw food that you can incorporate into your dog’s diet will help them to be healthier, and with the right amount of raw food you will even notice a difference in your dog’s skin and coat. Additionally, bones are “nature’s toothbrush”, so chewing the frozen raw bones will help your dog’s teeth to be clean and sparkling.

When to Give These to Your Dog

Obviously, you can give the frozen raw bones to your dog whenever you want. However, I have included some of the instances that I give the bones to Sasha:

  • When I have company over and want her to stay occupied instead of jumping all over my guests and begging for attention
  • When she is hyper in spite of being well-exercised and needs something to keep her busy
  • When she needs some quiet time in her kennel
  • When she wakes me up early on a Saturday and I would really love an extra 45 minutes in bed before we go for a walk

These are some of my suggestions, but you will have to try it yourself to see what works best for you and your dog. If it works as well for you as it did for me, it is a fantastic thing to do for both your dog and your own sanity!

At any given time, Sasha has at least five of the medium sized Primal bones laying around the house. The size that you should buy will depend on the size and chewing needs of your dog. 

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