Saving Sasha: 5 Months Later

Since it is now officially December, it has been nearly 5 months since adopting Sasha, and lately I have been thinking back to when I first adopted her and how far she has come. Just the other day I mentioned to my boyfriend how it feels like she has finally settled, which is so true. She is now fully comfortable with us and knows the rules of the house. She loves the cats and knows how to interact with them, and the cats are completely comfortable with her. We know exactly what kind of activity Sasha needs, and how much of it, to keep her worn out and happy. She has also progressed so much in her training: she knows a lot of commands and tricks, and her leash reactivity is getting much better.

When we first adopted her, even though we already loved her unconditionally, this point seemed so far away. It was obvious that she had never been in a house before, as she was not housebroken in the slightest and had no manners. Even walking through our apartment building was a challenge because of how worked up she would get if she saw another dog.

Now I can tell you that all of these frustrations were absolutely worth it, and that it does indeed get better. On days that particularly test your patience, remind yourself that in Sasha’s first month, she urinated so frequently in the house that I took her to the vet to get tested for a UTI. $200 later, the result was that she was 100% healthy and was simply  0% housebroken. Now it’s just a funny anecdote to tell, as will the struggles that you are going through with your furry pal.

I hope this has helped those of you that may be feeling frustrated. Keep at it, because our canine companions are so worth it.

Sasha’s obvious happiness is another reason that we are glad we adopted her. Every dog deserves a chance to have a loving home.

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